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About Us

At Five Star Energy Solutions KC we are pleased to be able to bring to you a revolutionary new energy savings system that can be custom designed to fit the power needs of businesses, homeowners, and industry.



The Black Hawk Powerhouse will:

Lower Power Bills
Increase Equipment Life
Reduce Peak Demand
Lower Maintenance Expense
Capture & Use Lost Voltage
Balance Voltage Across All Phases
Provide Surge Protection

THE POWERHOUSE energy saving/power conditioning system, by Black Hawk Energy Products LLC, is at the forefront of energy conservation products. Created over years of research and development, THE POWERHOUSE has a proven record of energy savings and increased equipment efficiency.

Much of the power delivered to consumers via the country’s electric grid is affected by many external factors. These upstream influences generally result in lower quality power. Evidence of this is seen in the flickering of lights, computers rebooting without warning, and often the sudden failure of vital equipment.

Call us today to find out how this amazing new device can save you thousands of dollars!

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